Postcards from the Pandemic

During this period of social distancing and isolation, artists send postcards to everyone from the solitude of their studios.  Here are some of them. Check back for more. 

Sending Comfort! --Ana Guzman

Many gifts to be found in the slower pace of time.  --Helen Durant

Allison B. Cooke: Postcard

Thanks so much for your support--Allison B Cooke.

      Art is the most important of the least important things... --David Brayne

May you find joy in what can be seen... --Benjamin Frederick

      Be well and safe --Gwen Wong
      ...we can call it nesting. Lauren Betty
Have faith and will get us through all of this. --Linda Mitchell
    Wishing you well as we go through these strange a difficult times--Donald Beal
 Stay home and create.  --Scott Upton
 Wishing all a safe and hopeful essence, peace and positive thoughts.  --Temme Barkin-Leeds
      Wishing you the best from my place on the Blue Marble to yours --Evan Jones
From caring comes courage (Lau Tzu) --Cason Adams
I am grateful for the arts and those that support the arts. --Stephen Pentak
     Do what it takes. --Paul Tamanian

Hope you, too, are enjoying spring--from a safe distance!  --Eileen Braun

Be well & Stay safe. --Daniel Byrd

  My Wish for you is wellness and safety at this pivotal time. --Brent Baker

I find comfort and nourishment in painting --Christina Renfer Vogel