Four Figurative Painters

Benjamin Frederick / Ana Guzman / Evan Jones / Christina Renfer Vogel


In a 21st-century art world accustomed to grand and often provocative or obscure gestures, all four of these artists use their considerable abilities as painters to remind us of the small daily delights that we too often overlook. Using their ability to "see" rather than merely "look", all four conjure reality from unique perspectives, not merely describing but imbuing their canvases with personal meaning. 


For Benjamin Frederick (Dayton, OH), time spent with his family provides rich inspiration. Frederick synthesizes everyday experiences into something universally recognized and understood. “Speed” is of the essence to Ana Guzman (Atlanta, GA. She works quickly to capture the sensations, energy and rhythms of life in rich, thick pigment, a technique perfectly suited to capturing the face of Atlanta in paint. Evan Jones (Atlanta, GA) draws heavily on Americana and the South, putting into his paintings diverse elements to create what he likens to a “stew” of imagery, not unlike browsing through an antiques mall of memory. Christina Renfer Vogel (Chattanooga, TN) sees herself as an observer, painting moments of human interaction that are personal, anonymous, and private, balancing description, interpretation, and invention. In other paintings, flowers and houseplants become surrogates for figures, speaking to femininity, beauty, and home.


The exhibition, which opened online, has been extended until 20 June 2020, in order to visitors the opportunity to see the work in person. Beginning Tuesday 26 May, the gallery resumes regular